The Best Valentine Hoop Art gifts

The Best Valentine Hoop Art gifts
The Best Valentine Hoop Art gifts

What says i love you more than a piece of art? Let alone a piece of art that is made by hand! There are lots of embroidery hoop art pieces out there that you can buy to express your love for your valentine. Here is a list with all the best valentine hoop art gifts for valentine in 2020!

#1 Hearts Embroidery

Embroidery of hearts
This is a DIY embroidery kit that you can buy so you can make your own valentine hoop art! If all the love of stitching all this together doesn express your love, i don’t know what would!

#2 Lose your mind

lose your mind hoop art
This is more a funny valentine gift if you are still now too serious with your boo. It still takes a lot of time to make, but the outcome is funny!

#3 Love embroidery pattern

Love embroidery pattern
This is the one gift to buy if you don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Youĺl just buy this pattern and make it yourself. It is quite an easy stitch with all these cross stitches. It screams love and you will only need 3 colors!

#4 Bunny lovers

These bunny kisses are the sweetest, right? This is a embroidery kit that will give you everything including an instruction how to start end finish this project. It has a lot of colors and is just the sweetest.

#5: One Love embroidery

One Love embroidery for valentine
If you really don’t want to stitch your gift together yourself, you can buy this one love embroidery hoop art.

#6 Lovers Embroidery

Lovers embroidery
This valentine hoop art gift is a good example of a cute illustration turned into hoop art. This illustration will show your lover that you really love him or her.

#7 Love is love

love is love embroidery
Rainbows are love, and love is love. This rainbow hoop art would make a great valentine gift because it just shows love. You dont have to make it yourself!

#8 I love you

i love you embroidery
This is such a simple valentine hoop art gift, but because of its simplicity it is so powerful. It will bring the message and will look nice in your house the whole year round.

#9 Valentine Embroidery Hoop art

Valentine hug
I think this one might be my favorite. It looks so pretty and is so simple.

#10 Woodgrain Heart

Such a simple and easy classic valentine gift.

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