How to make your own embroidery kit

How to make your own embroidery kit

Do you wanna make your own embroidery hoop art but you don’t know all the things you will need? Have you considered making your own embroidery kit? Here you will find all the things you will need in your own embroidery kit.

All the things you need

  • embroidery hoops
  • different color yarn
  • embroidery needles
  • white cotton classic reserve aidas
  • floss bobbins
  • cross stitch needle-threading tools
  • scissors
  • thimble
  • untwist tool

What will you buy?

Like i said you are gonna need all the things listed above. Here you can see what that might look like and more important, how much is it gonna cost you. In the end we are gonna figure out if it is more expensive to buy everything on your own, or just buy a premade package for you!

embroidery hoops embroidery yarn cotton needles for embroidery floss bobbins threading tools

Total costs

The total costs of this basic will come to $ 35. The reason why this is more expensive than a premade package, is that you buy everything in bulk. When you start out with embroidery, you won’t need a 120 of floss bobbins. I think you could easily do without those floss bobbins. But if you would like to share some yarn with a friend, or you want to bring your embroidery kit on the road, it might be useful.

My recommadation

If you are a newbie, i would recommend to buy a premade embroidery kit. That way you will get all the stuff you are gonna need. If you are planning on making more embroideries, buy the supplies on your own, seperately.

Thd good thing about making your own package, is that you can choose all the colors you would like.

Best package deal

Starters kit with pattern

starters embroidery kit with pattern

starters kit

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How to make your own embroidery kit